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Relationship Therapy

Understanding connections

Relationship therapy offers a unique opportunity to focus on how we have developed our beliefs, identities and patterns of behaviour and communication through the important relationships in our lives.  It can help us explore and understand our experiences and shape our ongoing personal journeys.

Relationship Therapy: Services

Price and Availability

Therapy is delivered outdoors or in our office in Delph or online and can also integrate other models of therapy depending on your preference and need. 

Availability and frequency of sessions can be discussed and agreed at your introduction session.

Relationship Therapy can take place one-to-one and as a family of 2 or more people.

£50 per session

Individual Appointment

This is the cost per session for one person with a therapist. A shorter initial introductory session is offered free of charge

£60 per session

Family or Group

This is the cost per session for more than one person with a therapist, for example 1 adult and 1 child.

Relationship Therapy: Price List
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