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Explore your potential

Coaching allows individuals the time and space to explore something that they might be stuck with or struggling with in their life.

Coaching focuses on empowering people to find solutions which work for them to encourage improved wellbeing.

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Family Coaching

Achieving Goals Together

Family coaching is a goal-based support intervention. It allows individuals within a family to explore their difficulties and jointly agree options for positive change.

We use various solution-focussed tools to enable families to learn new ways of addressing issues within family life, whilst continuing to recognise each family member's individual needs.

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Coaching: Services

Pricing & Availability

All types of coaching are available from our office in Delph, online or outdoors. The frequency and location of sessions will be agreed to your introduction session.

£45 per session

Individual appointment

This is the cost per session for one person with a coach.

£60 per session

Family or Group

This is the cost per session for more than one person with a coach, for example 1 adult and 1 child.

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