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Outdoor Therapy

Therapy with a difference

Our engagement with nature is changing and so are our emotional wellbeing needs. 

Outdoor therapy offers all of the benefits of traditional counselling, such as a non-judgemental, confidential and empathetic listening ear, and can also develop self-awareness and connection with nature and others. You might choose outdoor therapy to experience the physical benefits of walking and talking or for the freedom of exploring issues in a wider space.

Sessions are offered by qualified psychotherapists and tailored to your physical and emotional needs. You may choose to walk, explore or sit in an outdoor space. We will agree your requirements together in your introduction session, which will be online, by phone or in our offices.

Outdoor Therapy: Services

Price and Availability

Outdoor Therapy is delivered in and around Saddleworth.

It is delivered one to one and those wishing to access will need a level of mobility to be able to access safely.

Availability and frequency of sessions will be discussed and agreed at your introduction session.

Outdoor Therapy: Price List

£50 per session

Individual appointments only

You will be required to pay for each session in advance of your scheduled appointment.

For details on requested price reductions please contact us.

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